America Means Opportunity

The essential civic value to being an American is opportunity. Americans live in a destination fill with many paths. No matter whether they are natives, or immigrants from a first or third world country, Americans thrive on discoveries that push their limits, become educated to improve the world, and empower themselves at any challenge(s) and keep on going, until they over come the challenge(s). Americans have the opportunities become whomever they choose; gain any job they wish, make changes that suit their needs, and the possibility that their visions can/will become reality.
Being an American means I can travel the road less taken and it will make all the difference for me.
Being an America means I can open my refrigerator, choose between milk, water and juice. Being an American means I can make the world more equal, fair, exciting, intelligent, secure and livable place. I can find a voice of my own that will take me to place of intellectual self-confidence, by the influence of exceptional opportunities. When I first came to America, I didn’t know how to read or write my own name, let alone anything else. I thought the day would never come when I could read or write my own name. America being the land of opportunity has exceeded my expectations because it gave me the opportunity to go to school and be educated for free. Over the years, I became a bibliophile. From the beginning of each school year to the end of it, in between classes or in the study hall, the bus ride from to and from school, there is a book in front of my face. Reading has given me adventures to explore, gave me ideas and expands my vocabulary, builds my imagination, enhances my thoughts in many different ways, and gave me a superior quality comprehension of the world. If America wasn’t the land of opportunity, I won’t have gain this pursues of happiness.
Opportunity is so fundamental to being an American that it is the symbol of the American Revolutionary War. In 1775-1783, a war breaks up between Great Britain and thirteen colonies due to the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, the Boston Tea Party and many other acts that enraged colonists. The opportunity to be free from Britain came to colonists when King George III rejected to repel these insurable acts. The immoral acts done by the King, acknowledged the Continental Congress to choose Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence. This draft notified the enduring convictions that embodied the American people’s souls, and minds. It notified the people the “self-evident truths that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”, a series of injustice done by the King, and assuring the certainty of the colonies breaking ties from the mother country to the world.
Opportunity was the significant value that retained patriots in American War of Independence. As soldiers fought battles in Lexington, Bunker Hill, Long Island, Ticonderoga, Saratoga, and Yorktown, they grasped the opportunists of an independent country. A country with freedom of speech, religion, press, right to bear arms, right to trial by jury in civil cases, the abolition of slavery, men’s, women’s and racial suffrage, etc.
Ralph Waldo Emerson is meaning of opportunity. Emerson was intellectual America scholar whom was the leader of the Transcendentalist movement of the 19th century, poet, essayist, and philosopher. In 1837, Ralph Waldo Emerson published his book Nature, which Emerson developed unexplored ways for the American society to behold the world. He established roadmap for young America to proceed in order to form an America with its own identity. He once said, “America is another name for opportunity.”
I personally can put thus value ‘opportunity’ into practice. I have decided after an educational opportunity I will gain from college, I would join the UN. In the United States, there are people who are willing and can make a difference, I identity myself as one of thus people. While working for the UN, I can use my college opportunity to help developing country, support the prevention and control of the spread of AIDS/HIV, refugees, etc.


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